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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Someone needs some parenting

I am home with my kids.  Oh, yeah, you know that.  It says it right up there.

I find myself calling a lot of the childish things my children do "Obama-like."

When I hear a loud crash, coming running and both children are pointing at each other saying, "She did it!"  My first response is, "Oh, no, you are not going to pull an Obama!  Who did it?"

When they say things that couldn't possibly be true due to the laws of physics, I find myself saying, "Nuh, huh, you are not going to Obama me on this one."  Then, I explain the importance of always being truthful.

We are doing a fundraiser for one of their activities.  When someone uses the fundraiser cash without writing out a check to replace it, we call that "Obama-ing" the money.

I find myself constantly teaching my children to do exactly the opposite of the leader of the free world.  I teach them to take responsibility for their actions, to tell the truth, to not take things that aren't theirs, to mind their own business and let people live their own lives.

It is disheartening.

Wouldn't it be nice if our leaders lived by the same rules as our children?

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