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Saturday, October 5, 2013


In a land far away, North Dakota, there is an economic boom.

It is an energy boom.  The economy is on fire.  Remember all of those people demanding $15 minimum wages at McDonald's?  Well, in this far away land, they actually pay $15 an hour at McDonald's because the economy is booming!

I think about those restaurant owners making a profit.  I can picture a young waitress heading home with her pockets stuffed full of cash.  Car dealerships actually sell cars, real estate agents sell houses, maids have lots of places to clean.  It is a boom people!

And it is simple really, they are pulling energy out of the American soil.  It is putting people to work, people from all walks of life are benefiting.  It is the American dream.

From fracking.

I am not sure how Matt Damon feels about those people, all of those real people who are benefitting from fracking.  He was probably really concerned about the dangers of fracking.  But, he was wrong.  And, North Dakota is proving it.

But, by using his star power to demonize fracking in such a huge, public way, he essentially killed that industry.  What about all of that energy in the ground in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and don't get me started on the coal in West Virginia?  (See future post, the destruction of the coal industry) Why can't all mid-westerners benefit from this wonder of modern technology and American ingenuity?

Is technological advancement only applaudable when it enhances the picture on the big screen, has something to do with the entertainment industry or is somehow related to film?

It seems that way to me.

This is technological advancement, American ingenuity at its finest.  With as little harm to the environment as possible, fracking inserts a pipe deep into the soil, like 5,000 feet.  A concrete barrier is placed around the pipe.  The pipe and the barrier go beyond the water table, thousands of feet below the water table.  Of course accidents can happen, nothing is perfect.  But, that didn't stop us from making railroads, skyscrapers and bridges, did it?  People died doing those things.

In my child's history lesson we learned about great American ingenuity.  Some of the greatest engineers who invented steel girders and bridges were injured or killed making those advancements for humanity.  One, a German immigrant, had his bed turned so that he could see his bridge being built while he died from his injuries.  Did we stop building bridges?  Did we stop building skyscrapers?  Did Matt Damon make a movie out of it?

It was for the greater good, the advancement of our way of life.

I am not sure that liberals want our way of life to advance.  I kinda think that they may want all progress to stop (see future posts, there are sure to be some).

I want America to get back its wealth.  I am tired of sheiks in middle-eastern countries getting all of our money because Obama won't let us: frack, get coal, drill for oil or open the Keystone pipeline.

He laughed and said that the Keystone Pipeline would create 50 jobs.  You know that is a lie.  You also know that abundant oil, gas and natural gas that we get from ourselves and our closest ally, Canada, would be inexpensive.  It would also drop the price of gasoline right back down to 99 cents a gallon (see previous posts, Gas Prices and Our New Economy).  Then, the prices of food would be cut by 66%.

Then, all of those sheiks would be begging us to buy their oil.  And, housewives in Kentucky will have to choose which gems to wear while they think about getting back to them.