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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cave in

Well, it is almost certain.  The Republicans are going to cave in on everything.

The childish, hissy-fit tantrum that Obama has thrown all over the country actually worked.  He is going to get everything that he wants and America will continue on its path to total destruction.

I am sick.  I need, like some ice cream or bacon or something.

What I don't understand (see every single one of my previous posts) is how one single, thinking person can possibly believe the lying, double-speak of the democrats and the president.

I understand that not everyone is an accountant, I do.

But, when the president says that healthcare costs are going down and someone is sitting there with the healthcare increase in their hands, they can see that it isn't true, right?

When the president says that he wants to create jobs and then raises taxes on small businesses so that they can't hire more people, they see that that policy doesn't create jobs, right?  Small businesses create about 80% of the jobs in this country and they are being crushed by this job-killing, tax-soaking, economy-strangling president!

I understand that most people may not fully grasp the entire debt ceiling issue.  We won't default if the debt ceiling isn't raised.  If the debt ceiling isn't raised, we will only have to prioritize our bills and pay the interest on what is the most important stuff.  You know, like every single person, family and business has to do in the entire country.

The democrats are even wanting to go back on the teensy-weensy sequester cuts.  Those were the only sane thing that has happened in the past 5 years.  They were actually proposed by (and then demonized by) Obama.

There is a reason that I call these rants.

I am disgusted, I am sick.  Aren't you?