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Saturday, October 19, 2013

An interesting morning

I was having breakfast this morning with someone, let's call her, BTL for big-time liberal.  She calls me DITWR for died in the wool Republican.

Wait, let's just call her "she" and me, well, "me."

Anyway, so I was having breakfast with this big-time liberal and there was something on the front of the morning paper about immigrants being worried that they aren't going to get enough money.

This BTL said, "I know that I shouldn't say this, but we shouldn't be paying benefits for all of these illegal aliens."

I said, "Oh, you do love me, you do, you really do!"

She said, "Let go."

So, I climbed off of her and the discussion continued.

We AGREED that illegal aliens shouldn't get benefits like welfare, healthcare and education from our system because illegal aliens don't pay anything into our system.


The thing about the entire issue is this - does anybody really want illegal aliens to take all of the benefits of our system without paying anything in?  Really?  I mean beside Nancy Pelosi.

Show of hands, how many hard working Americans want to give free stuff to people who are here illegally?

In Western Europe, they don't give you stuff if you are there illegally.  They kick you out of the country.

Which is exactly what we should do.

I understand wanting to come here, this place totally rocks.  I have stood on the border of Texas and Mexico.  On one side, there is everything from a Wal-Mart to a Golden Corral.  On the other side is nothing.  Nothing.  Just nothing.

I would die getting to the line and toss my baby over the line.  I totally get it, I do.

But, there is a way to come here legally.  It is a process, it is hard, and it is worth it.  Because when the process is completed, you are an American and can do whatever you want.

But, if we keep up this crazy idea that anyone can just come on in and take whatever they want, our system will fail.  The math doesn't work and it is totally unfair to every hard-working, tax-paying American.   It is also unfair to every hard-working, tax-paying immigrant who is here legally.

Remember, in Europe, if you are there illegally they kick you out.

Don't you think that we should too?